PreGame Protocol

  1. Meet with coaches (at a minimum of 20 minutes prior to game) to get captains, in-home and player certification.  Also find out which coach will be running the substitution box…
  2. Get captains for coin toss
  3. Meet with faceoff guys and define what your expectations are for the faceoff:
    1. Align the stick heads
    2. Hands on the ground
    3. Stay off the midfield line
    4. Top hand off the plastic
    5. No tape on the head of the stick
    6. Make sure they have a single wrap of tape next to the head of the stick or legal manufactured grip
    7. No holding the other players stick
    8. Illegal contact with the opposing player, Etc.
  4. Have one official talk with each Box Coach and define your expectations for the substitution area:
    1. When players can be in there
    2. No coaches
    3. Etc.
  5. Meet with the table crew while your fellow official is meeting with the Substitution Coach:
    1. Timing factors
    2. When a player is released after a time serving penalty or if they are “Locked in”
    3. When a player “fouls” out we need to know (who is tracking the total time of Personal Foul time?)
    4. End of period procedure.
    5. How to handle issues at the “Table” – player released early, etc.

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