CYLA Returning Referee Re-certification

To officiate youth games for the Spring 2019 season, all returning officials will be required to be US Lacrosse certified. 

*This course is for officials entering their third season and beyond, and have worked a minimum of 25 games.

Recertification involves three steps:
Step 1: Check / renew your USL membership as an official at

Step 2: Sunday, March 3rd at DU (Sturm Hall, room 251) from 8:30 am to 10:00 am. Check in begins at 8:00.

  • You must register for this session at:
    • Cost: $25
    • This session will include a review of all new and pertinent rules as well as field mechanics.
    • Registration is now open

Step 3: Complete the 2019 USL Boys Youth Rule Test and USL High School test by clicking here:

Items to complete and bring to the training:

Join US Lacrosse as an OFFICIAL (You can also include being a player.)

  • Register and pay for the training course by CLICKING HERE
    • Remember your rulebooks
    • Pen/Pencil
    • Something to take notes on…for officiating
    • Water