Boys Lacrosse Points of Emphasis – 2019

By NFHS on November 28, 2018


A 2018 questionnaire completed by both coaches and officials indicated a concern regarding the interpretation of “stalling.” A team that is stalling does not make an effort to attack the goal or generate shots. An offense that is stalling passes on clear shooting opportunities, does not actively work to create scoring opportunities and “holds the ball behind GLE for excessive periods of time.” When considering a “get it in, keep it in” call, officials should consider score, time left, style of defense employed (zone or man). If in the opinion of the officials the offense is not actively seeking scoring opportunities, a stall warning should be applied.


When a player intentionally takes aim at an opponent’s head or neck or a defenseless player, the offending player will be penalized with a three-minute, non-releasable foul and may result in an ejection.


A player may employ the handle of his crosse (between his hands) to legally hold an opponent if his hands are no more than shoulder-width apart, employs “equal pressure” and does not employ a thrusting motion.


A player may not use his crosse or any part of his body to push or control the direction of an opponent’s crosse or body.

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