2021 CHSAA Game & Travel Fees

As we announced last summer, the RMLOA Board has worked passionately over the past two years advocating with CHSAA for higher game fees. We are pleased to report CHSAA heard our pleas and the Legislative Council Committee approved the following Game Fees and mileage payments/travel stipends depending on geography. This is a positive development especially in light of the anticipated school budget deficits expected over the next several years because of COVID-19.

  • Varsity: $61.20
    Sub-Varsity: $43.50
    All schools pay $.40/mile round trip (zip code to zip code). The official must have traveled 20 or more miles one way to be paid full round-trip travel mileage.
  • EXCEPTION: Denver Metro and Colorado Springs schools pay a $6 travel stipend in 2021. This will increase to $10 in 2022.